Reference Library

Because no one person actually knows all information, I don't hesitate posting the list of books and web sites that I frequently use when learning, writing, and sharing.

Title: National Audubon Society field guide to the southwestern states
Author: Alden, Peter
Genre: Guidebooks
ISBN: 67944680

Title: Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens
Author: Armitage, A M
Genre: Plants
ISBN: 9780881927603

Title: National Audubon Society field guide to North American reptiles and amphibians
Author: Behler, John L.
Genre: Reptiles & Amphibians
ISBN: 394508246

Title: Garden Lover's Guide to the Midwest, The
Author: Bennett, Paul
Genre: Description and travel
ISBN: 1568981651TopBird, Richard
ISBN: 9780767908184

Title: Dogwoods
Author: Cappiello, Paul
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780881926798

Title: history and folklore of North American wildflowers, The
Author: Coffey, Timothy
Genre: Folklore
ISBN: 9780816026241

Title: Trees
Author: Coombes, Allen J.
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9781564580726

Title: Legends in the garden
Author: Copeland, Linda Langston
Genre: Botany
ISBN: 9781930897083

Title: Gardening Nude
Author: Coronado, Shawna
Genre: Health
ISBN: 9780981573304

Title: Landscaping with nature
Author: Cox, Jeff
Genre: Landscape gardening
ISBN: 9780878579112

Title: Dirr's Hardy trees and shrubs
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780881924046

Title: Dirr's trees and shrubs for warm climates
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780881925258

Title: Hydrangeas for American gardens
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Shrubs
ISBN: 9780881926415

Title: Manual of woody landscape plants
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 875637957

Title: Photographic manual of woody landscape plants
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Landscape plants
ISBN: 875631533

Title: Viburnums
Author: Dirr, Michael A.
Genre: Shrubs
ISBN: 9780881928532

Title: Western birds
Author: Farrand, John
Genre: Birds & Birdwatching - Guides
ISBN: 70199779

Title: Ancient Roman gardens
Author: Farrar, Linda
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 9781840151909

Title: Sierra Club Guide to Close-Up Photography in Nature, The
Author: Fitzharris, Tom
Genre: Nature & Wildlife
ISBN: 871569132

Title: Illinois Gardener's Guide
Author: Fizzell, James A.
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 9781888608410

Title: Month by Month Gardening in Illinois
Author: Fizzell, James Alfred
Genre: Gardening
ISBN: 9781591862277

Title: Big Outside, The
Author: Foreman, Dave
Genre: Wilderness areas
ISBN: 9780517587379

Title: Bioethics and the new embryology
Author: Gilbert, Scott F.
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780716773450

Title: Natural History of the Chicago Region, A
Author: Greenberg, Joel R.
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780226306483

Title: How to identify plants
Author: Harrington, Harold David
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780804001496

Title: Plant identification terminology
Author: Harris, James G.
Genre: Plants
ISBN: 9780964022164

Title: Botanica North America
Author: Harris, Marjorie
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780062702319

Title: Flowering plants of the world
Author: Heywood, Vernon Hilton
Genre: Angiosperms
ISBN: 831734000

Title: Trees and Forests of Ireland
Author: Hickie, David
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780717134113

Title: Forest trees of Illinois ; how to know them
Author: Illinois Department Of Conservation
Genre: Unknown
ISBN: 2940025018124

Title: Landscaping
Author: Ingels, Jack E.
Genre: Landscape
ISBN: 9780827346833

Title: Mushroom Book
Author: Laessoe, Thomas
Genre: Plants
ISBN: 9780789410733

Title: Green Gardener's Guide, The
Author: Lamp'l, Joe
Genre: Organic
ISBN: 1591864267

Title: Over the Fence with Joe Gardener
Author: Lamp'l, Joe
Genre: Techniques
ISBN: 1591862620

Title: Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year
Author: Lawton, Barbara Perry
Genre: Description and travel
ISBN: 9781555911560

Title: Seasonal Guide to the Natural Year
Author: Lawton, Barbara Perry
Genre: Description and travel
ISBN: 9781555911560

Title: Hortus: A Concise Dictionary Of Gardening And General Horticulture
Author: Liberty Hyde Bailey
Genre: Reference

Title: Dirt
Author: Logan, William Bryant
Genre: General
ISBN: 1573225460

Title: Plant-Book: A Portable Dictionary of the Vascular Plants, The
Author: Mabberley, D. J.
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780521414210

Title: Rodale book of composting, The
Author: Martin, Deborah L.
Genre: Techniques
ISBN: 9780878579914

Title: Audubon Society field guide to North American insects and spiders, The
Author: Milne, Lorus Johnson
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 394507630

Title: Illustrated Encyclopedia of Trees, The
Author: More, David
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780881925203

Title: National Audubon Society Field Guide to Wildflowers: Eastern
Author: Niering, William A.
Genre: Flowers
ISBN: 394504321

Title: Field Guide to Eastern Birds: A Field Guide to Birds East of the Rockies
Author: Peterson, Roger Tory
Genre: North America
ISBN: 9780395361641

Title: Shrubs
Author: Phillips, Roger
Genre: General
ISBN: 679723455

Title: Tree Maintenance
Author: Pirone, Pascal Pompey
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780195043709

Title: Bugs and Insects, The
Author: Preston-Mafham, Ken
Genre: Insects
ISBN: 9781856485708

Title: Treasury Of Gardening
Author: Publications Internation, Ltd.
Genre: Unknown
ISBN: 785306501

Title: A-Z of deciduous trees and shrubs.
Author: Readers, Editors of
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 89577870

Title: Landscape graphics
Author: Reid, Grant W.
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780823073337

Title: Sleeping with a sunflower
Author: Riotte, Louise
Genre: Almanacs, American
ISBN: 9780517118474

Title: Rodale's Chemical-free Yard & Garden
Author: Rodale
Genre: Unknown
ISBN: 517489988

Title: Prairie Plants Of The Midwest
Author: Russell R. Kirt
Genre: Unknown

Title: Trees
Author: Russell, Tony
Genre: Unknown
ISBN: 9781843099765

Title: Flora of the Great Walks, The
Author: Ryall, Richard
Genre: Unknown
ISBN: 473080486

Title: Grand Canyon National Park : a natural history guide, The
Author: Schmidt, Jeremy
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780395599327

Title: Complete guide to trees & shrubs
Author: Schrock, Denny
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780897215008

Title: John Shaw's Closeups in Nature
Author: Shaw, John
Genre: Nature & Wildlife
ISBN: 9780817440527

Title: Sibley Guide to Trees, The
Author: Sibley, David Allen
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 9780375415197

Title: Field guide to the birds of North America
Author: Society, National Geographic
Genre: Birds & Birdwatching
ISBN: 792274512

Title: Keys to soil taxonomy
Author: Staff, Soil Survey
Genre: Soils
ISBN: 9780936015569

Title: Think for Your Customer
Author: Stanley, John Barry
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780975011812

Title: Native trees for North American landscapes
Author: Sternberg, Guy
Genre: Trees
ISBN: 881926078

Title: Flower confidential
Author: Stewart, Amy
Genre: Cut flower industry -- United States -- History
ISBN: 1565124383

Title: Wicked plants
Author: Stewart, Amy
Genre: Poisonous plants
ISBN: 9781565126831TopStill, Steven M.

Title: Manual of herbaceous ornamental plants
Author: Still, Steven M.
Genre: Plants, ornamental
ISBN: 875634338

Title: Taylor's encyclopedia of garden plants
Author: Tenenbaum, Frances
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 618226443

Title: Plan and Section Drawing
Author: Wang, Thomas C.
Genre: Design & Drafting
ISBN: 9780471286080

Title: I Can Name 50 Trees Today!
Author: Worth, Bonnie
Genre: General
ISBN: 9780375822773

Title: Wyman's Gardening encyclopedia
Author: Wyman, Donald
Genre: Reference
ISBN: 26320703

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