Saturday, February 9, 2013

Tillandsia: Plants as art

Air plants (Tillandsia sp.) can be an easy way to add living art to your house. These are easy to take care of but like all plants, they need the right conditions to survive. Tillandsia are part of the Bromiliad family. These plants typically live on the bark of other trees, but are not parasitic. They get their nutrients from the moisture in the air. High humidity helps these little plants flourish. If you don't have high humidity in your house, you will need to spray or water these in your kitchen sink.

...and let's face it, there is humidity in Illinois only in the summer and it is so ugly that you lock up your windows and dim the town running your air conditioner...

How I made this
In the photo above, I've attached 3 different varieties to a piece of drift wood with floral wire and decorative moss. I picked up the plants at a local nursery and the driftwood from a family canoe trip. You can use epoxy, string or other creative methods to secure the plants to the driftwood. I recommend staying away from methods that might damage the leaves like hot glue.

You can also put air plants in terrariums, decorative globes, or whatever your imagination can come up with. Be creative. If you need some more inspiration, visit Pinterest and search for air plants, tillandsia, or bromiliads, you'll be amazed at what people have created.

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