Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gryphon Begonia: Grow it for its beautiful leaves.

If you have a fascination with begonia flowers, you may have wondered about what the flowers look like on a Gryphon Begonia. I've been asked a number of times about getting the Gryphon Begonia to bloom. The flowers of this plant are not showy. I am finally satisfied with knowing that this plant is gorgeous in leaf. I brought all four of my plants in over winter to see if I could carry them over to this growing season. Success! As the days have gotten warmer, my Gryphon Begonias began to bloom. Long, lanky, white flowers that didn't stand above the foliage. Still the flowers were very recognizably begonia flowers. Grow it for its beautiful leaves.

Gryphon Begonia flowers
Gryphon Begonia flowers

Update: April 6, 2012
If I hadn't seen this transformation myself, I would not have believed this was the same plant. It was very interesting to watch these flowers mature. The entire inflorescence is light and airy. The ovary on individual florets are rosy colored and winged. As the plant matures, the petiole (flower stem), and those wings become deeper red. Still not quite showy on the scale of what Begonia can be, up close these flowers are fascinating.

Read more about the Gryphon Begonia.

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  1. Hey, cool. I just picked one up and it has no flowers. On the net everyone says .... foliage. I think they are nice flowers. Thanks.


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