Saturday, December 31, 2011

Plant Profile: Hosta 'Wheee!' PPAF

A hosta that is new on the market in 2011/12 is Hosta 'Wheee!' PPAF. This medium-sized, entertainingly named, hosta has all of the traditional attractive qualities of hostas. It is shading-loving, mounded in habit, and has bright green leaves with a variegated edges. So what sets this apart from others? The real treat is the undulating, or wavy, variegated leaf margins.

A wee little Hosta 'Wheee!'

This plant is being brought to us by hybridizer Bill Meyer, Proven Winners®, and Walters Gardens, Inc. It has been mentioned in numerous publications and has already found its way to the Top 100 Best New Home Products list in This Old House (November/December) magazine. You'll most likely be finding this plant in your local garden center soon. 

I was given 3 small specimens at the Garden Writer's Association 2011 Annual Symposium from Proven Winners this past fall. Admittedly, this is not my best photography, and these plants had quite a rough trip as the leaves were smashed in the car a bit, but it was the end of the season and next Spring will be the real view. It will all add up and speak to this plant's long-term durability.

As young specimens these hostas seriously are cheerful. They definitely stand out from other plants around them even as small specimens. Hosta 'Wheee!' is hardy in my zone 5b garden, and has been checked for being hardy into zone three. If you like clean lines, this plant may be too busy for your liking. But, if you're like me, you will probably find that you really like the texture change of this plant against larger smooth-leaved hosta cousins.

Other Wavy-margined Hostas
If you like the wavy margined hostas, here is a list of plants I think are comparable to Hosta 'Wheee!': Hosta 'Seducer' PPAF, H. 'Irish Luck', H. 'Surfer Girl', H. 'Candy Dish', H. 'Fruit Punch', H. 'Big John', and H. 'Gone With The Wind'. There are dozens of others available with a quick search. If you are looking for these at your local garden centers, you may need to look a bit harder. Online purchases may be your best resource.

Enough about Wheee! now about me!
I'm interested in small and miniature hostas. I have a small collection of miniature hostas in my garden and am always looking for good contenders. Recommendations always welcome. A hosta that I am interested in that is different from this group is Hosta 'Autumn Frost' PPAF. I think this plant would pop from a distance, and that is critical in my deep shade garden. It certainly is an eye catcher in photos.

For reference, Hostas are categorized by their overall height (not including flowers).
Mini: > 6 inches tall
Small: 6-10 inches tall
Medium: 11-18 inches tall
Large: 19-27 inches tall
Giant: < 28 inches tall


  1. Can't wait for spring & to get my hands dirty again!

  2. Here here Jules! Already bought my seed starters.


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