Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Titan arum, Corpse flower...something smells here

Standing at 39" high, this Titan arum is just getting ready to put on a show.

Check out the live video feed of the
Titan Arum blooming

The Titan arum (Amorphophallus titanum) is native to Sumatra, Indonesia. It is the largest single inflorescence in the world and can grow up to 8' in height. It consists of a spadix and spathe growing up from a corm. The corm of this bloom particular bloom is just under 40 pounds. The largest has weighed in at 200 pounds. At full maturity, the tip of the spadix is approximately the temperature of the human body and coincidentally the scent is that of rotting flesh. Actually in this phase (see photo) of the flower, the fragrance has not been activated yet. You can get as close as you want and not get knocked out.

The entire life cycle of the Corpse flower begins with a leaf coming up for a short time and then going dormant. It will repeat another cycle of the leaf growing in size the next time around. Then the plant goes dormant for a long time. The next time there is activity, in a couple of years, the flower makes an appearance.

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