Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring's Sweet Scent

I have a pink flowering Crabapple in my front yard. It, along with our floor to ceiling picture window, was one of the features that made our house a charming little purchase. It's been a great place to live.

The drawback to our tree? It has an odd occurrence of fully flowering only every 2 to 3 years. It looks like this will be the magical third year. The ruby red flower buds are densely covering the entire tree. Soon those red buds will burst open and quickly fade to a lovely pink. While the color fades from bold to blush it will also be releasing a beautiful perfume. It will fill the air. The bees will hitch a ride on that fragrance too.

While the blossoms of spring cause the insect activity to increase, the whole scene makes me want to slow down and fully take them in. I like to lay on the ground with my face close to the blooms and watch the bees moving from flower to flower. You can really take in all of the aromas around when you stop and enjoy them.

The reality is that the spring blooms are short lived, and the time that I can spend laying in the grass is very little. Spring awakens all of the tasks of life that have been trapped indoors for the winter, and I must attend to more than just the garden and flowers. I will take this Spring and every spring flower I see and breath in the moments and remember them, as happiness, as Spring.

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