Friday, April 29, 2011

Roll out the carpet!

The weather in Central Illinois is holding steady. There has been lots of rain, and lots of cool days. This has been an amazing year for how long the early Spring flowers have held on. Few things are fading as quickly as years before. It has had its ups and downs.

My Crabapple is a perfect example. The last of the petals have fallen off of my Crabapple tree. The constant rain hitting the tree at peak flower caused the petals to fall straight to the ground leaving a pink blanket over the walkway to the house. It is making for the most picturesque front yard. It was really quite the sight.

The cyclic majesty of the flowering Crabapple is finished. The fresh perfect burgundy leaves are quickly opening. Only needing the shade cast by the flowers to have passed. Too soon the freshly sprung leaves will fall off too caused by the many blights that afflict plants in the Rose family.

So many people stopped to share how much they enjoyed the sight. Seeing a small yard in bloom makes the coming warmth a reality, even when the weather itself is set on another path.


  1. Beautiful combo, Laura. All that work planting those Muscari is finally paying dividends, isn't it? :)

  2. I can think of no prettier outdoor carpet than flower petals! Just lovely!

  3. Thanks Chris and Cherie. You can probably tell I'm smitten.


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