Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guard your rubber boots, or be left with a smile

Ranger rubber boots...chalk not included.
Even with the snow and cold, I still go out and take photos in the garden. I put on my rubber boots in our sun room. Glancing down, I noticed there was something in one of my boots. I quickly discovered they had sat unguarded just a bit too long. In the bottom of the right boot was all of the sidewalk chalk my toddler decided to store there for his next Julian Beever impression. In retrospect, it was a good short-term storage method he left for himself. Long term, he unknowingly left me the gift of a smile.


  1. He left more than you a smile. Wonderful story, Laura. :)

  2. Thanks Chris. He cracks me up daily. It's nice that it frequently bleeds over into my favorite activity.


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