Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Tree Grows Through It

The church above looks like a bouquet of greenery is spilling out over the top where a roof once was, and indeed it is. Called Kirchruine Abterode (or Ruined Church in Abterode), Hesse, Germany, it has been in ruin since 1809, giving the trees and vines around it a chance to really take hold.
Many young trees now surround the grounds of the church even filling in the cemetary. Ivy (Hedera sp.) can be found growing up their trunks and well into the canopies. All of the trees lend a air of mystery to the ruins. But the tree (Tilia sp. I think--speak up if you know) that was left to grow inside, poured over the tops of the walls and gave an air of romance to what would otherwise could be a dreary place.
I can't imagine why someone left that particular tree there to continue to grow, but I couldn't be more grateful. There proved to be a lot of life flourishing around these ruins. Nature showing all the signs of perseverance that few buildings can maintain without abundant attention.

Old hollow tree filled with cement, still persevering.
There were signs that showed attention has been given to some trees. The cavity of this tree was filled with cement long enough ago that there was a one inch gap between the cement and the interior walls of this old split tree. I imagine the deteriorated cement slowly flowing out the bottom creating a miniature alluvial fan. Even gnarled, old, and covered in vines, this tree breaks bud in the spring, sends up new shoots, and keeps on growing.


  1. I'm not sure I've ever seen a better example of the phrase, "Nature finds a way."

  2. i would visit this place as kid when i visited germany..i came back 10, 15 years later and it still stands =]


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