Thursday, January 27, 2011

Conservatory Close Up

I've visited our local conservatory, University of Illinois Plant Conservatory, four times already this year. It's true we're only four weeks into the new year. It is quite the little gem especially in the winter. The air seems so fresh inside a conservatory, sometimes I like to sit and talk, most times I take photos. On this trip I focused on close ups. There is something fascinating about taking a closer look from time-to-time.
Nun Orchid (Phaius tancarvilleae)
At first glance this looks like a hummingbird hovering.
The winter is such a great time of year to find orchids in bloom. The bright unique flowers are the little bursts of energy that make walking across campus on the gray winter days in central Illinois tolerable.
Epidendrum Pretty Lady
Ready for Valentines Day, this bloom has a heart.
The Epidendrum Pretty Lady, is a beautiful orchid where the inflorescence is a cluster of flowers held high above the foliage. An individual flower is only about .5 inch in real life. Sometimes you find little surprises like the heart-shape on this fuchsia colored Epidendrum. From a distance, this little find would have gone unnoticed, but up close, this flower shows a lot of love.

The following photos are some close ups that are artistic, but not terribly useful for identification.

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  1. You captured the details of the conservatory so wonderfully, Laura. Beautiful post.


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